Profile of Mick The webmaster

Name Mick
The date of birth 1972
Country Japan
Favorite Guitarist PaulGilbert
Favorite Rock band RACER-X. MR.BIG. YNGWIE.

Yaaaaa!!!!!Thank you visit!
I am glad very much! If I am able to become a friend through this WebSite,
I am very happy. Give Happy E-MAIL, to me!

This WebSite is writing by using the translation machine.
The meaning of the word may not be able to understand. I am very sorry.
Because, I can not speak English.

I learnt the guitar, from Mr. Kei Morioka.
He learned a guitar with "G.I.T." in PaulGilbert,
and moreover he was the successor of Paul.
However, I think, that Mr. kei Morioka is not memorizing it about me. : )
Mr. Kei Morioka is a wonderful guitarist. I am respecting him remarkably.

I would like to have some advices from you
because I'm not good at playing guitar. : )

I want to make WebSite for this people,
PaulGilbert Fan and GUITAR Fan,to enjoy.

Please write a message to GuestBook, to visit commemoration.
If you Bookmarking this WebSite, I am very Happy.!!
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